Coming Home...

Basic Self is not just a name!

Healing the inner child is the core of my work. I believe that as children we positively complied with everything around us, adopting patterns from our parents, schoo.l , society or anyone who came across our path and left a trail.

With time, those patterns became distorted beliefs. We live by them until they became second nature, we lost touch with our essence, who we truly are.

We became conditioned into those beliefs. Until a day comes when we can’t live by them anymore, they become obstacles that hinder our growth, our wellbeing, our whole existence.

This is when we start to seek professional help!

The healing journey is worth every minute. In this short form of therapy you are being taken back to those early years, not to blame anyone, not to condemn anyone nor to just reminisce, but rather to start afresh, to bring you home to your real self. To move that child from a place of woundedness to a place of healing and forgiveness. To take that child from the victim status to empowering the adult self today, to achieve full potential, dreams and hopes.

In the Basic Self all that is possible.

With this I leave you to reflect on your own journey…

Abeer Almefleh


The colors, shapes and logo you see on this website are chosen carefully to depict the spiritual healing journey.

The head logo resembles the self with all its fragments. The shattering and regrouping of the head logo represents the work we do in our healing journey. Defragmenting the distorted beliefs and restoring the true essence.

The circle in the middle of the head is the subconscious mind, the inner child.

Purple… represents the higher self, connecting us to the source of wisdom, going beyond the ego and it's limitations.

White… cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. It is the light we all seek to guide our way in this wonderful journey.

These colors resemble the stages we go through on this journey to bring us back home.