Hello and welcome!

Here is a little bit about me....

Since as early as I can remember I was fascinated with the human psyche and its wonders. I lived my life questioning and trying to understand everyone and everything around me. As a child I drove my mother crazy with my questions and inquisitions in an attempt to understand all that I saw and felt.

My journey too.k me on a long road to come face to face with my own inner child.

Who to say the least has taught me a wealth of information about myself and allowed me to pursue my passion in guiding and supporting others.

It all started in the year 2006 when I embarked on a soul searching journey. This process reintroduced me to all aspects of myself.

As I was working on the "vision for my life”, I saw myself working with children.

Day by day I could see myself moving forward towards my vision, furthering my studies in this field. Three years later I became a qualified therapist working not with children, but with adults on their inner child!

When I see my clients leaving my office with a big smile, and a sense of clarity, I know that this is my calling and that I have fulfilled my vision.

Today and everyday, I thank God for showing me the way and means to put my knowledge and help in supporting people to be the best version of themselves.

"heal the inner child and
you will heal the world".
~ Abeer Almefleh